Effort! Progress! Achievement!

It’s Sunday today. The one week birthday of this blog. So I wanted to post an update on all the progress I’d made with my bridge plan over the last few days.

The truth is, I haven’t made much progress. I got the maps out the box, unfolded them all and tracked my finger down the gradually thickening blue line that is the Tweed, looking for little white lines intersecting the blue. These white lines, I have deduced, are the bridges – the subject of my quest.

So I started my Pryzbelewski from The Wire wall of crazy with some coloured dots on the maps, as you can see.

And then…

That was it.

I didn’t write a blog on Friday or Saturday. I did a wee bit of work on the website in the background, but the stickers on the map was probably my main achievement.

So, my natural instinct here is to chastise myself for not achieving more.

“This is a bridge blog, you idiot, do you not think it’s about time you visited some bridges?”

“If only you’d put a bit more effort in, you would have made more progress and you would have achieved more, you arse*”

*You might have noticed by now that I am not very nice when I am addressing myself in my head. I don’t speak to real people in real life like that – but I seem to enjoy taking it out on myself.

Of course, this is true – if I have put more effort in, then I might have achieved more. So, Neil, up to the tower you go for 24 hours of self-loathing and misery.

Or… is there another way to look at it. One which doesn’t result in me being sent to the tower?

How about I go right back to the start of this post and celebrate the fact that, in just a week, this blog has gone from the spark of an idea to a live website. How about I acknowledge how much I have enjoyed writing and building this website? How about I stop calling myself rude names and say nicer things to myself. Things like: “hey, good on you pal – you had an idea and you went and did it, give yourself a pat on the back”, or “you are enjoying writing for the first time in your life – what a nice thing to happen!”, or “you have done enough, well done.”

Yeah, those sound better. Cheers.

One thought on “Effort! Progress! Achievement!

  1. Really enjoyed reading this Neil. Well written and areas which ring a few home truths this end…. Although you put them into words better than me! Good on you pal!


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